On October 10th, 2006 we arrived in the small village of Lauterbrunnen where we stayed at the Hotel Oberland. Lauterbrunnen sits in a low valley nestled beneath the shadow of the imposing Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau alpine peaks, (pictured above) and boosts 72 waterfalls. Being somewhat travel weary we took a leisurely stroll through the valley and eventually arrived at Trummelbach Falls.

The Hotel Oberland (with waterfall at the left) and the view from our room.

Views from our room looking down into Lauterbrunnen Valley

Typical architecture throughout the town, (can you see the two hang gliders?)

Valley views along the way to Trummelbach Falls.

Proof that the Alps are really not that high.  Every cow had a huge bloody bell that gonged ceaselessly.

The top of Trummelbach Falls as it carves its way inside the mountain.

The views back were just as good but some of the local hikers seemed a little stiff.