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Expedition to the Galapagos. 

Galapagos, as the word rolls off your tongue it conjures up images of an exotic mystical place with a small hint of twisted quirky humor. Galapagos. Due to the unusual confluence of sea and wind currents, sailors once referred to this place as the enchanted islands, as the islands appeared to move and shift in the perplexing seas. Yet it is not the islands that are enchanted, it is you and I. Visitors to this place who have become enchanted by its bewitching beauty and unusual character.

There are not enough superlatives in the English language to accurately describe the feeling you get from the experience of being in such a place. It is a true gem in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is a magical place that represents how the rest of world should be. It is nature in harmony. It is the ultimate paradise on Earth. It is a truly weird marvel.

The geographical isolation of the Galapagos afforded all of the island life an environment that for the most part was void of competition for food resources. Most of these species have no natural predators. No human beings inhabited the Galapagos until the 19th century. As a result these animals have lived here for centuries without the element of fear. You can walk right up to them, if they havenít already walked up to you first. They are no more concerned or bothered by your presence then the family dog lying on the carpet. Its genetic innocence. I was expecting and prepared for that contact.

I was expecting and prepared to see odd creatures such as the giant tortoises and the blue-footed boobies. What I didnít expect was the sheer quantity of life. In was not unusual to look into the sky and see a few dozen Great Frigate soaring on the thermals. It was not unusual to glance about and in your line of sight see a sea lion, an Iguana, sea birds, land birds and sally light foot crabs all sharing the same territory. Where there was life there was a lot of life. It was omnipresent and in total harmony.

These simple photos will not adequately convey the feeling such a powerful place invokes. I only hope they give you a tantalizing taste of some of the wonderful sights the islands were kind enough to bestow upon us. Perhaps providing the inspiration for you to make the make this incredible journey as well.

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