On Saturday, October 25th, 2003, headed up to Keene NH for their annual Pumpkin Festival (website). They broke their own Guinness Book of world record with 28,952 carved pumpkins on display. So many pumpkins! Oddly enough it proved to be a challenge to find a slice of pie. The following photos are a few of the highlights.

They came in by the truck load. 

This bunch was carved by Ms. Murray's 5th Grade Class.

They stacked them on towers high. There were three towers at each entrance similar to this as well as the main tower.

The locals wore their Sunday finest. Even the little ones!

The Museum of Pumpkin Oddities.

The Museum held the infamous 

Trevi Fountain.

Venus de Pumpkin Don Vito & Jimmy the Nose.
Classic stemware. Even a Beatles tribute.
Every where you look more and more pumpkins, but where's the pie!
Lecherous Pumpkins Finally I score some pie! Snowman Pumpkins
Classic Designs Designs from the far East Spooky Designs
The Main Tower. The Main Tower all Lit up!
Red Sox Fans just can't let go. Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls
Field of Pumpkins <-> Carve them, they will come.
Ghostly Pumpkins Rhasta Man Pumpkins
Topped off by some fine Fire works Unfortunately not everyone made it home safely.