On September 30, 2007; Deb and I loaded into our motor car and commenced on a short drive to the western part of Massachusetts. Arriving on the north side of a little town called Chester to see the infamous Keystone Arches (thanks for the tip Pam!). It was perfect weather for a hike, blue skies, mild temperatures, and pleasant zephyr's; with the added bonus of dipping yet again into the deep well of Massachusetts history. The building of the Keystone Arches is indeed fascinating history, but I can no doubt guess many of you are already yawning at this point and want to get onto the pretty pictures. If you do want to learn more about the arches, just CLICK HERE! But before you just scroll right along, just keep in mind that these bridges were built over 100 years ago. They were wholly dry laid, that is without the benefit of cement or mortar. Just stone on massive stone. Most of the arches are still in use by the railroad today.
The very first arch we came across was a double arch spanning the Westfield River, normally a class 2 river.
Most of the arches are still actively used
No rain for several weeks and the River shows it
A view as we climbed down to the Arch's base
Beautiful craftsmanship
Clear skies above made for very beautiful and interesting reflections in the clear water below.
It was incomprehensible to us how they managed to construct these arches without mortar, the answers are here.
Deb walking through the quarry area
The 3rd arch with 3 people on it
The initials J.D. appear on one of the Keystones,
perhaps a forgotten relative?
Headed back down the line to Spensah