Split, Croatia - September 2014

On September 10, 2014 Deb and I left Boston for Croatia. After a stop over in Frankfurt we arrived in Split, Croatia on a rainy afternoon. Split is located in the southern coastal region of Croatia known as the Dalmatian Coast. The day before our arrival the region experienced torrential rains, we were told rivers had been running through the streets. This was slightly unfortunate as we had booked a "Canyon Tour" for the following day, a walking tour along the Cetina river bed within the canyon walls. Due to the heavy rains the river was running too high, too wild and the tour was cancelled. However that was the only bad weather we experienced. The rest of the days proved to be sunny and warm so not much to complain about. We did instead get to spent a few days exploring the historic old city of Split. A city said to be 1,700 years old and rich in both Greek and Venetian history.

Croatia is located on the Adriatic, east of Italy Promenade outside our hotel
Street scene outside our hotel Harbor view outside our hotel
Hotel just down the road from us Yellow Submarine parked in front of our hotel
The Roman Diocletian's Palace Shopping plaza underneath the Palace
Egyptian granite Sphinx and Venetian statues that adored the Roman Palace
Backside of the palace into a neighborhood where a "Game of Throne's" episode was being filmed...
The city walls Outside the Silver Gate looking in at St Domnius cathedral tower
St Domnius cathedral tower Apollo
Two Typical plaza's with dining areas and stone streets.
A small street turns right throught a tunnel with a home on the left Typical street lined with stone.
Random church bells Chandelier
Made a new friend (and I'm standing right there!) Mercedes new low emission croatian model
Another typical street scene Working fountain
Another typical street scene Statue in the city center by the city walls