The reconstruction of Deb's house is finally off and running.
The laborious permitting process delay the start of our efforts by 6 months.
Our expectation is that the job will be completed by late January.
So take a look at a transformation that began as a sketch on a bar room napkin.......

10/26/06 - While Deb and I were on our honeymoon, our contractor ran into yet another minor permit delay, that issue has since been resolved, and the final building permit was issued a few days before our return to the states.
While waiting to clear that last hurtle, they did move forward with the demolition of the interior. 

Prior to the roof coming off, the wood from the ceiling of the Loft, (aka Deb's Bedroom) was salvaged for later use.
(Deb's room actually looks neater now doesn't it?)

On the first floor the living room floor and the old molding have been stripped.

10/31/06 - We are beginning to make visible progress!
The existing roof has been taken off and the floor is being prepared for the new 2nd floor frame work.

View from the front of the house with and without the roof.

View of the rear of the house with and without the roof.

The 2nd floor has been stripped to the wood which makes up the 1st floor ceiling.

11/05/06 - The autumn leaves are fading away, the lake is full of migrating geese, honking like crazed drivers caught in rush hour traffic, meanwhile the builders have been pretty busy.

The new rear view is looming large, (looks like someone left the door open).

The second floor frame work is starting to take shape, new roof goes up on Monday.

11/11/06 - The new roof and most of the framing on the 2nd floor has been completed.

View of the side with some of the old 1st floor windows yet to be replaced.

Deb inspects the 1st floor framing and the work on the rear deck.

11/18/06 - The first floor has been completely gutted, its basically just a a huge mess at the moment.

The new frame work heading into the living area has started going in.

The framework for the screen porch is taking shape as is the upper deck.
The photo on the right will be the view from the 2nd floor commode, (I'm excited).

The framing of the master bedroom is completed and the electrician is almost done with the wiring.

12/02/06 - Progress has slowed down a bit as our new windows are now two weeks late. The windows need to be in before the electrical inspection takes place and so the siding can be installed. The good news is the windows are expected at the beginning of the coming week. 

On the left you can see the screened porch is nearing completion and, on the right, the view from inside the porch.

Upstairs the door from the master bedroom to the porch has been installed.
The photo on the right is the view once you step out of that door.

The tub has been dropped in, not sure why there is a rake in it, that's a story for another day.
The temperatures have been unseasonable warm which means the geese are still present in large numbers.

12/17/06 - This past Monday, the windows finally showed up and all have been installed! The siding has started going up, and the 1st electrical and plumbing inspections have both passed! From the outside the house is really starting to look sharp while the interior is still pretty much stripped to the studs. 

The picture on the left is the new view as you come in the front door.
The photo on the right is from the master bedroom.

Siding and windows completed on the aft and starboard side.

12/30/06 - Merry Christmas and Happy healthy New Year to all! Coming into the new year the exterior of our home is 99% complete. December 2006 gave us unusually warm weather which worked out great for the construction crew, (not so good for us skier's, but we are coping). Still a lot of work needs to be done on the interior. 

Now that siding is completed, you can see the difference in these before and after photos.

Both photos are from the master bedroom where the plasterer's just finished, the ceiling will be pine.

The first floor has been sheet rocked but still along way to go.
The lake has finally begun to freeze over and we got about an inch of snow today, first snowfall of the year.

01/06/07 - This week, the real good news is my house in Holden, which during a slumped market was seeing very little buyer traffic, is now under contract with a pre-approved buyer. We have a tentative closing date set for February 9th. Our contractor says he needs four more weeks, so hopefully everything will align perfectly.
With the exterior completed many gains have been made on the Interior. 

The new bath room has gone from drywall to plaster and the wall ceramics have been installed.

About 2/3 of the master bedroom ceiling has been stained and installed.

On the first floor, the living room walls have been wrapped in pine as well.

02/02/07 - Today is Deb's birthday! To celebrate we are headed to Jamaica for 3 days, yah mon - Jamaica, Vermont! Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. The moving truck is coming on Wednesday so things have been hectic. The work on the house has been progressing nicely, but not anything dramatic, trim work, electrical work, painting, staining, heating ducts. But it is really looking sweet, (if you can get by the construction debris). 

The first floor bathroom is getting a new shower and the ceramics are near completion. The new staircase is sweet.

The ceramics in the living area are done as is the staining of the wood work.
In the master bedroom the floor has gone in and was stained last night which as of this morning really looked nice. 

The next photos will get updated next week when everything is back together and cleaned up.

Grand Finale: - This is it folks the last and final update. Ski season is now behind us, so we have been picking up the slack around the house, finished unpacking, hanging curtains, and nailing stuff on the walls. Plus its rained all weekend (sloshed around outside to get some of these shots just for you) and I finally had some free time to complete this last update. We put the dock back in the water last weekend and the boats should go in next weekend. We will soon be ready for lazy summer afternoons. The blender is set up and ready to go, so stop by for a margarita real soon. 

Obviously this is the new second floor bathroom, (I call it the library - see my slippers in front of my reading chair?) The close up of the floor was an accident as I dropped the camera but managed to catch it before it splattered. Nice shot of the floor, so we saved it. Have you noticed we finally got that silly rake out of the tub?

The view on the left is the west side of the master bedroom, that's my dirty laundry on the chair on the right, the big TV and on the left the door to the upper deck. The view on the left is the east side of the master bedroom looking out into the maple trees and out to the lake.

This is the upper deck off the master room and the view we have as we sip our morning coffee.

This is the guest room where you will stay when you come and visit us, its a bit small but very cozy.

Ok so now we head down the new stair case and check out the remodeled living room.

From the living room you head out onto the back porch to see the rear of the house. Now all that is left for you to do is come and visit and see it for yourself. Give us a call and stop by, we will either be sitting in the sun on the dock or passed out in the shade of a maple tree, either way, come on by. It'll be great to see you!