Capt. James P. Donohue
2nd Lieut. James P. Donohue (Naval Aviator License Issued 08/21/42)
James P. & John W. Donohue John W. Donohue (Andre Bouler Charicature)
Peter Strack & Marie Strack  
153 East 83rd Street - (Zimmerman House) The Meuller House
Mary (Donohue) Mccarren, John &
Cecelia (Donohue) Paulman
Waldron Pub in Ballindine, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Bill McCarren, Mary (Donohue) Mccarren,
Tom Donohue, James Donohue, Nellie Donohue
Cecelia (Donohue) Paulman, Fred Paulman
Father John W. Donohue S.J., Marie Donohue
The 'Ol Homestead
Peter and Paul in the back yard at Clinton Avenue.
Styling in our baseball jackets and shorts I must of made myself.