They that stand high have many blasts to shake them; And if they fall they dash themselves to pieces........

On September 7th, 2011 we once again defiantly took off for the Bavarian Alps and yes this time we made it. A very special thanks to all of those comedians that we are so lucky to have in our lives who over the course of the past year constantly reminded us of our trials and tribulations from last years aborted attempt. This trip turned out quite well with great up's and downs. We went up some great peaks, and we went down into several gorges and mines. We ended up seeing the tops, bottom and insides of the alps.

First stop was the city of Wurzburg sitting on the river Main, looked over by the fortress Marienberg on a vineyard laced hill. Very picturesque little city for a wind down from the jet lag lay over. One of its claims to fame is the old river front crane the "Alter Kranen" which dominates the riverfront along with the "Old Bridge" decorated with statues of various saints.

The Alter Kranen
Artwork on the frontside of the Alter Kranen
Tree memorial on the road to Marienburg
On the Old Bridge looking up at Marienburg
The front gate of Marienburg
Heading into the main courtyard of Marienburg
Fortress Marianburg above the Vineyards
Inside the main courtyard of Marianburg
Marienkapelle in the City Center
Troll in the vineyard out of the Marienburg
Wine Goddess near the Kranen
Deb On the Old Bridge