Italy - May 2011

In the month of May 2011, Deb and I took off to Italy to see her sister Kelly who just had a baby with Francesco. Liam was born just five days before we arrived in Milano so the baby manual from from iKea had not arrived. Yet little Liam seemed to be pretty happy with the new parents he picked out even though they did look a bit sleepless, they seem quite happy too.

In the Wilder Family tradition little Liam is quite adept at sucking down a bottle, and just like a Wilder seems to have an issue keeping it down from time to time. I am sure he will get the hang of that in due course. It was great meeting up with Francesco and seeing both he and Kelly on their own turf. Great hosts they are and I hope we make it back there real soon to see their new home.

We did get to spend a few days wondering about the streets of Milano, playing tourist and seeing the sights, before taking off on the rest of our Holiday. We were lucky enough to see great artwork and traditional Italian sites such as the Duomo. Plus I sucked down some gelato and pizza like I just got back to civilazation from a marooned island. That's the nice thing about a vaction - no restraint.

So after a couple of days hanging out in Milano, we headed to the Dolomites for seven days; the Italian Alps located in the north-eastern part of Italy. After the Dolomites we went to Lake Como for three days and then came back here to Milano for two more days. The next few pages will encapsulate the Dolomites, the town of Morano and then Lake Como.

We hope you enjoy.