Friendship, Maine - August 2009

Located on a peninsula that projects into the Gulf of Maine, Friendship lies on the Muscongus Bay and within that bay you will find a little place called Flood's Cove. If your lucky (or unlucky) dependin' on how you want to slice that, to know a Schrag you just might get yourself invited up there some day.

Now Maine is altogether a different sort of place. Just about got their own language, but if you can cross over that barrier then you just might find the place as comfortable as an old sweater. We did. The food is great It's wicked pretty too.

The Defiance Adventure Guy arrives for his summer adventure
The commode The Garage
The back inlet The Defiance from the Port Side
A couple of Salty Lad's coming back from scoring some Lobstah's for the evening fare.
Andy what's in the Cup? The Front Deck
If you've forgotten to go shopping you just dig for Quahogs.
Look we got clams! The clam float
Mitzi goes Kayaking John Flood's Boats
Friendship Harbah, where there is always Good News
Obligatory Lobstah' Trap and Buoys