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Newfoundland. Not a place that is known for its balmy weather. When you ask the locals about the weather, the response is usually "it is what it is". There is a lot of truth in that simple expression. 

In the Northeast we have experienced a very moist spring/early summer. It rained for 9 out of 12 weekends. So when the skies began to clear in late June and the temperatures and humidity started to rise,  I began to get very excited about the upcoming trip to the cool climate of Newfoundland. A beautiful bright sunny day was left behind in Boston. Upon landing at the Deer Lake Airport, a small airport with only two gates, Allan, (the AVIS guy), was standing there with the keys to the rental car. He was wet, as if he had been standing in the rain.

So while standing there waiting at the luggage carousel, I inquired 

"Allan, is it raining?"

Alan said "Yep, that it is. First rain in almost three weeks."

The immediate concern was that it was now 11:30PM and the route to the hotel was a one hour drive up to and thru the hills of Gros Morne National Park. A park which contains a herd of over 1,000 caribou as well as 8,000 moose. The drive in is along a hilly, curving road that literally keeps a score board on the number of critters hit each year. When we passed it was Moose 15, Caribou 0. 

Rain wasn't an added bonus. Nor did it give any indication of leaving. Out of the ten days there, we had 3 days of good weather, 2 days of gale force winds complete with rain that seem to rip the exposed flesh on your face. The remaining days were cloudy with showers that ranged from sprinkles to rain coming down in buckets. 

It is what it is. Having said all that it was still a great experience which produced many wonderful sights. Numerous moose were spotted, (which the locals refer to as "Newfie Speed Bumps"), a few caribou, one artic hare, a lot of humpback whales, (even heard one sing), a few minke whales as well as icebergs and dramatic fjords. Unfortunately the weather made it hard to capture good photos. So what follows is some brief highlights that hopefully will give you a slight taste of Newfoundland.

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