Normally in the late autumn New England months the fall colors are amazing. The only objects falling from the sky are beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves. On this particular Saturday afternoon, October 29, 2011, snow began to fall at our house around 4:00PM. Lightly at first but it never really let up. A true nor’easter was coming to town. It continued well into early Sunday morning. At about 3:13AM, the old man in me kicked into gear and I got up to use the bathroom. Just as soon as my feet hit the floor, I noticed all the lights blew out. At which point my charming wife Deb says "See what you did". Such a funny girl.

At the final tally, we had about 18 inches of snowfall. As it is technically still fall many leaves are still tenaciously clinging to the tress. The leaves caught the snow. the tree limbs now under burden of the wet leaves and snow soon came tumbling down and with them in many places came power lines. At one point upwards of 670,000 households in Massachusetts were without power. Add to that parts of NY, CT, NH and VT which were also effected. Then on top of that considered the parts of Vermont and NY which are still reeling from the effects of hurricaine Irene. Ouch, bad timing Ma nature.

At our house no power means no electricity, no water pump (no water), no septic pump (no commodes), there be the hard ship for the misses at least - not for me. Over the years I have gotten pretty good at writing my name in cursive if'n ya know what I mean. The real hard ship for me was it happened early Sunday morning - so it pretty much destroyed my NFL couch time. Thank goodness for the woodstove for we were toasty.

Sunday I spent most of the day shoveling, snow blowing and cutting fallen limbs. For the most part on our property, but also up and down our little street, helping out the neighbor folks and vice versa. That's just the type of street it is. Once I said that's it, I am wet and tired. I quit. I went inside to dry off and change clothes. Once in I said to Deb:

"Let's us go downtown to the YMC of A, go for a swim, get a warm show-wah. Then stop in a pub for some suds and watch the PATS play that American football".

She wanted no part of that - so off I went.

The fact Deb decided to stay and man the home front, in retrospect, turned out to be a very good thing. Long about sun down, as the house darken, and the shadows drew long; Deb snuggle herself into bed with a nice glass of wine. All of a sudden there is a long banging at the front door. The front door burst opens! Then more banging! She knows its way too early for me to be back. She has no idea what this may be. She jumps up and races down to confront the intruder. It's just Mike coming in the front door with a college boy load of laundry. Seems we never thought the University's might be shutting down. No Matter. He scared her half to death. So she yelled him for 10 minutes as to why he was here and not at school etc. etc. That's a mother's love.

Meanwhile I'm getting in a few easy laps, getting a nice steamy hot shower - living the good life. Then off to a big juicy steak and a couple of nice beers with a bunch of other storm refugees. The place was packed with electricity losers like myself. Pretty comical.
"You got no pow-haw?"
"I got no pow-haw!"

Got home that night, such a crystal clear night. A perfect night for star gazing with no lights around. It was beautiful out, peaceful, quiet, just grand.

Wednesday night the In-laws had us over for dinner. Once we returned home, settled in, fire started, I went out on the upper deck to check out the stars again. Once more a perfect night - with one minor change - this night it sounded like Daytona Speedway. With all the generator's spitting all around the lake and the neighborhood - I could barely hear myself think. It was plain nutty. I need to get those solar panels put up. No generator for this house.

Thursday we were one of the lucky ones to get our power restored, as of this writing over 85,000 Massachusetts households are still waiting in the dark and cold. Five days without power is not really such long time, we Americans are a bit spoiled. Deb and I fared well, we are easy going people, no complaints here. Some mighty funny hair styles at work this week, some quiet chuckles I can tell ya. On Thursday when I came home Deb already had the few dirty dishes cleaned up and was busy cooking dinner. She was so excited to be able to do for herself again; she was like a little girl at Christmas with her first EZ-Bake Oven.

Other then that - just another fun filled week in New England.