Every morning I wake up slighly amazed
Saying in the back of my mind
This could be my last day on earth

This may be the last time
I'll ever feel the wind rushing pass my face
Or the touch of my feet to the cold ground
Or the warmth of your flesh next to mine

This could be the last chance I'll have
To watch all kinds of wonderful people
Doing all kinds of amazing things
And thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts
In all kinds of wild directions around me

This might even be my last chance
To spend every drop of energy I've saved since last night
Or hear all your musical sounds ringing through my head

It might even be my last chance to be like a child
Trying to do everything
Say everything, see everything and
be everything all at once

Should I wake up some morning
God help me, and find myself bored
Among the walking dead...

So better smile a smile today.