Smuggler's Notch, Vermont - December 2004

In Mid-December, My nephew Ricky (AKA: "The Boy") and I headed up to Vermont for 4 days of skiing. The first day we stopped at Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont. Winter had been slow in arriving and the ambient temperatures were relatively warm. The warmth of the day in conjunction with the snow, caused a dense fog around most of the mountain. While the skiing was good, the visibility was zero. 

From Okemo we headed up to Smuggler's Notch in Smuggler's Notch, Vermont. The temperatures were much cooler, actually had sub zero temperatures each morning. We also had light snowy days for the first two days. While we appreciated the snow, once again our visibility was negatively impacted. The last full day we were there, the morning opened up to a bright blue cloudless sky. For the first time in four days we could see what the area looked liked. It was a beautiful sight, a winter wonderland of white on blue as the following pictures will attest.