Tanzania. Takes an effort to get there but well worth the trip. We left Logan on a Wednesday night. Spent Thursday wondering the streets of Frankfurt drinking lovely German beer. Napped on the train from town back to the airport and almost missed our stop. Love that German bier! Went thru Addis Ababa Airport in Ethiopia, such fun almost no signs in that airport. There was a group of us following a fellow on his instructions from one terminal to the next. Soon we come to a junction, a staircase going down, while the hallway continued on. To confuse the matter further there was a group of people coming up the stairway. At which point our little group realizes our airport quide has disappeared. Our whole group is absolutely bewildered. Funny group dynamic. We get passed that hurdle and finally land in Dar es Salaam on Friday morning. Straight away we hook up with our good friends Tom and Kim.

The first thing we do in Dar is get on another plane bound for the beautiful island of Zanzibar! A perfect place to unwind and relax. Zanzibar is a beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean just a short 30 minutes from the Tanzanian mainland. The hour long ride from the airport to the Karumba resort brought us past many small villages full of stone and metal homes. Children were playing, barn animals tied to post, women dressed in a rainbow of colors. Deb spotted Columbus Monkey's in the trees by the side of the road.

The first full day in Zanzibar we rented a Dhow and went snorkeling. I regret not taking my camera but I had fears of the salt water. It really was a shame because the day was like a dream. We snorkel at a beautiful coral reef with tropical fish. Next we had lunch of barbecue lobstah and Tuna on a sandbar in the middle of no where. As we ate the rising tide reduced the size of the sandbar by half. The next day we swam with a large pod of wild dolphins in the middle of the ocean. What could be better?

We spent three days in Zanzibar. Before we left the island we spent an afternoon in Stone Town before taking off to Tom and Kim's House in Dar es Salaam.

The little red dot marks the spot of the Karumba resort
Our resort was next to the small fishing village of Kizimkazi
At low tide clamming in the shallows
Coming back in time for sundowner's
Staircase down to the Ocean
View from the resort to the Ocean
View from the resort to the Ocean
The Karumba Bar
View into our Bungalow
Dhow's in Kizimkazi
Typical Moorish Door in Stone Town
Stone Town Market
A view from above Stone Town
Stone Town Water Taxi, standing room only
A couple of tourist