It was the middle of July, the hot season here in New England. So what do any sane New Englanders do to beat the heat but head north to the land known as Maine for a little cool down whitewater trip on the Kennebec River. 

We hooked up with Northern Outdoors which is remotely located in North Forks, Maine. Took us 4 hours just to get there. 

The folks from Northern Outdoors took photos along the way and then sold them at outrageous prices. We brought a few but I 'borrowed' these images from their site, hence the watermark on each shot. 

In each of these pictures we are seated as follows:

Joseph - port side & 2nd from  bow
Deb - port side just behind Joseph
Mike - starboard 3rd from bow
Me - Starboard 2nd from bow 

The Kennebec River is one of the most popular river in the Northeast, its well known for its remote wilderness setting, and big roller coaster waves thru class III, class IV and Class V rapids. From its source at Moosehead Lake, the river carves its way through a deep, rock-walled gorge on a breathtaking 12 mile journey to The Forks.
To get a real good sense of the adventure, try playing this QuickTime Rafting Movie from Northern Outdoors which was shot at the Magic Falls location.




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Setting for a 3 hour cruise....................

The Rock Garden (Class IV)

The Sisters (Class IV)

Taking a break between rollers

Approaching Magic Falls (Class V)

Hitting Magic Falls